Biomed is pleased to offer the Terra™ Reusable Sharps Container Program to Saskatchewan clinical customers who generate small amounts of sharps. This is ideal for medical or dental clinics, health care facilities, veterinarians and other clinical settings.

What do you get?

  • All inclusive service!

The Terra™ Reusable Sharps Container Program is a turn-key, all-inclusive program that takes care of your needle disposal problems. The Terra™ Reusable Sharps Program is a flat-rate, monthly program for sharps containers and waste disposal. Customers “rent” sharps brackets, one for each location where sharps are generated. Brackets will fit either the Terra™ TYSC4 or TYSC8 sharps container; the cost remains the same with either choice.

By participating in the Terra™ Reusable Sharps Container Program you are helping to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our landfills while saving yourself time and money. Terra™ sharps containers are sanitized and reused, on average, over 12 times before being disposed! That’s 10 times less plastic in landfills than with conventional sharps disposal!

  • No risk!

  • Cancel your subscription at any time! Simply return the Terra™ Reusable Sharps Containers to Biomed with no further obligation!

Call today to sign up!       1-866-288-3298