Transport Services

  • Regular routes covering all of Saskatchewan
  • Bar code tracking system
  • Special transport insurance

Disposal Services

Hydroclaving and/or incineration

  • General medical waste
  • Cytotoxic, anatomical, and/or pharmaceutical waste
  • Deceased pets and other animals
  • Pharmaceutical pill bottles and containers
  • GMO seed
  • Surveillance videotape and/or classified documents
  • Contaminated or water-damaged items

Secure-A-Sharp™ Service Program

  • Providing peace of mind to restaurants, service stations and other small businesses


  • Alcohol, Xylene, and Formalin
  • Medical instruments

Medical Waste Containment

  • Medical waste containers
  • Medical waste boxes with proper biohazard labeling and emergency contact info.
  • Biohazard Liners – 3mm or 5mm
  • Re-usable tubs
  • Re-usable sharps containers
  • Training of staff in packaging medical waste is available

Additional Services available in Saskatchewan

  • Dental Amalgam Solmetex water filtration systems installation/service
  • On-site storage facilities – Built by Biomed to customer specifications

Additional Services available Canada-wide:

  • Dental Amalgam “Solmetex”, or “Maximum” filter & trap disposal services

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