Biomed is pleased to offer the Secure-A-Sharp® Service Program to Saskatchewan customers who generate small amounts of needles. This is ideal for restaurants, service stations and other small businesses where needles left behind in washrooms becomes a safety issue.

What do you get?

  • All inclusive service!     

The Biomed Secure-A-Sharp® Service Program is a turn-key, all inclusive program that takes care of your needle disposal problems.

Under the Secure-A-Sharp® Service Program, Biomed will provide a store location with:

  • two Secure-A-Sharp® Needle Drop Boxes (one for each washroom)
  • two Carson Sharps Containers to go inside the needle drop boxes
  • installation where requested
  • repairing or replacing any damaged Secure-A-Sharp® Needle Drop Boxes
  • one monthly service visit that includes changing out the Carson Sharps Containers
  • recovery & disposal of Carson Sharps Containers
  • one Certificate of Membership
  • No risk!

  • Cancel your subscription at any time! Simply return the Secure-A-Sharp® Needle Drop Boxes to Biomed with no further obligation!
  • Biomed Value™ Price

  • Total cost per location is $96.67/service + taxes.Additional service calls – $96.67/visit + taxes.

Call today to sign up!       1-866-288-3298

          **currently available only in Saskatchewan**