Established in 1992, Biomed Recovery And Disposal Ltd. is the leader in the biohazardous waste recovery and disposal services in western Canada.

We are licensed by Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management to process ALL KINDS of biohazardous waste: general, anatomical, pharmaceutical and cytotoxic. We are the only biohazardous waste management company in western Canada that is licensed and has the technology to process every kind of biohazardous waste that exists.

As a Saskatchewan-based, family-owned company we choose to focus our resources on providing the most excellent biohazardous waste management services possible to the people of Saskatchewan. With a fleet large enough to reach every corner of the Province of Saskatchewan, our transport equipment and insurance requirements meet or exceed the standards set by Transport Canada.

With main warehouse operations in Regina, SK, Biomed has offices in Saskatoon, SK as well as Victoria, BC. Our main plant operations are located in Aberdeen, SK, where we use patented proprietary biohazardous waste processing systems developed over decades of research and development.

Don’t be fooled by foreign competitors who haul waste but cannot process it: At Biomed, our experience, expertise and excellent customer service outclasses any of our challengers, regardless of their pomp, circumstance and industry buzzwords. More importantly, our Biomed Value™ brand guarantees that our prices are always the lowest. Ask anyone. We think the fact that Biomed is the only company with technology and infrastructure to process biohazardous waste in Saskatchewan and Manitoba says it all…

If you’re with Biomed, you’re in good hands.

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