8-Litre Sharps Container

**TYSC8 reusable containers only available as part of our reusable service program**

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Our most popular container is the Terra™ 8-litre sharps container (TYSC8).  It meets CAN/CSA Z316.6-14 standards for sharps containers and is versatile and rigid – perfect for large-volume sharps generators such as hospitals.  The TYSC8 can be topped with either a secure turbine safety lid (TCTL8) (pictured here) or a lab lid (TCLL8) for secure areas.  This container can be accessorized with a table base (TCTB8), or hung on the wall and secured with either a locking wall bracket (TWWB8) or a hinged, locking wall bracket (TWHB8).

Additional information

Dimensions 33.5 × 15.5 × 26 cm
Fill capacity

6.85 Litres