Outdoor Pole Mount for 5-Liter Needle Drop-Box – (SMPM5)


Having a problem with used needles left in parks and public spaces? Our outdoor pole mount is:

  • easy to install
  • safe and easy to empty
  • designed to mount one 5-Liter Needle Drop Box  (SMDB5)
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This outdoor mounting pole (SMPM5) is available for the Secure-A-Sharp® 5-litre needle drop box (SMDB5). The pole augers into the ground to provide exceptional security and tamper resistance. The mounting pole is designed to easy to install anywhere a hole can be dug. Only the pole and mounting hardware are included.

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6.75 inches wide X 5.5 inches deep X 14.5 inches tall (17cms X 14cm X 37cm)

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