4.55-Litre Yellow Biohazard Pail with Flip-Top Lid


4.55 Litre (1.2 Gal.) Yellow Biohazard Pail
(flip-top lid included)

(formerly BIO-PKG23)

Case price: $276.96/Box of 48

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The RYBP5-RYPL6 is a combination primarily used where quick and easy access to the pail is required and consists of the 4.55-litre yellow biohazard pail (RYBP5) with a sturdy carrying handle together and a flip-top lid (RYPL6) that can be opened easily to quickly insert small objects. A variety of adhesive labels are available, if needed, to indicate specific contents – ARAS1, ARIS1, ARPS1, AGCS1, AYDS1, and AYSS1.

(flip-top lid included)

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21.1cms X (H)19.5cms

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