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Bar Code Tracking System

  • Custom thermal transfer barcodes are printed in house to customer's preferences and are provided free of charge. For large customers with multiple departments, barcodes can be printed for each department.
  • Customers' staff apply barcodes to each medical waste container that they prepare for pick up. (**Excludes pharmacies - Biomed staff applies barcodes at point of pick up.)
  • Biomed's barcode reader and database records the received weight of each unit as it comes off the truck. The bar code on each unit contains information about where the unit originated and allows us to track it with complete accuracy as it is transported and processed.
  • As a customer you receive reports that show detailed information about units of medical waste received and that matches shipping manifests with your invoice.
  • Cost analysis reports are available for customers wanting details of their waste streams. Time period comparisons show changes in volume produced by each department graphically. This data is especially useful for universities or hospitals with multiple departments under the same administration.


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