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4.55 Liter (1.2 Gal.) Yellow Biohazard Pail

Available with four different types of lids: 

1. The snap on lid has no gasket. For use only on pails that contain little or no fluid.

2. The gasket lid is for use on pails containing fluid. The gasket prevents fluids from leaking out of the pail.   [BIO-PKG40]
3. The 1/2 moon flip top lid is a snap lid with a 1/2 moon flip top in the middle of it. The flip top facilitates quick disposal of sharps and other small medical waste items.                                                      [BIO-PKG23]
4. The autoclavable lid is available on the autoclavable 4.55 liter container. The autoclavable lid has a 5 cm (2 inch) hole near the edge with a needle removing device next to it and a hinged snap cover over the hole. The autoclavable lid does not have a gasket.                                                      [BIO-PKG24]

The 4.55 liter (1.2 U.S. gallon) autoclavable container is identical to the 4.55 liter (1.2 U.S. gallon) non-autoclavable container but is made of a different material.


Canadian-made containers

✔ Adhere to CSA specifications
✔ Reduction of storage space - stacks and nests well
✔ Improved handling with strong plastic handle
✔ Can be incinerated - leaves no emissions
✔ A large range of lid options are available
✔ Manufactured with a large percentage of recycled material

Product Pricing

22 Liter
Yellow Biohazard Pails

11 & 15 Liter
Yellow Biohazard Pails


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