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5.5 & 22 Liter Red Anatomical Biohazard Pails


Code Description Case Type  Case Lot Price
Price (Each) 
BIOPKG39 5.5 liter (1.59 Gal.) Red Anatomical Biohazard Pail
(Includes gasket lid)
Box 40 CAD $226.80 CAD $5.67
BIO-6P01 22 liter (5 Gal.) Red Anatomical Biohazard Pail
(Lid not included)
Pallet 96 CAD $828.48 CAD $8.63
65640B09 Red gasket lid
(fits 22 liter Red Anatomical pail)
Box 40 CAD $141.20 CAD $3.53

Canadian-made containers

✔ conform to current waste management guidelines and standards
✔ rugged construction for handling, storage and transportation
✔ will not leak or emit odors
✔ environmentally friendly
✔ safe for incineration, leaving only C02 and water when burned



Product Pricing


20 Liter White
"Glass-only" Pail


22 Liter Yellow Biohazard Pail


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