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Needle Drop Box, Pole-Mounted

  • yellow colored
  • strong, light-weight aluminum construction
  • easy to install
  • safe and easy to empty
  • secured with a padlock and mounted on an augered pole that cannot be removed
  • contains one 5 liter needle disposal container
  • ideal for outdoor areas such as parks where discarded needles may accumulate

CAD $233.86 (+taxes and freight)



Darren displays Pole-mounted strong box.


Enos displays pole section of the Pole-mounted
strong box.


Top view of the Pole-mounted strong box

Side view



A Pole-mounted strong box in a city park


Enos cranks the pole (Auger) into the ground.
It is very sturdy and unremovable.
The Pole mounted strong box installed



Product Pricing


"Carson" Sharps Containers


1 Liter Wall-Mounted Needle Drop Box


  Needle Disposal Unit


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