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5 Liter Wall-Mounted Needle Drop Box

Having a problem with used needles left behind in your washrooms?

Our wall mounted needle drop box is:
  • easy to install
  • safe and easy to empty
  • securely holds one 5 Liter "Carson" sharps container
  • made from strong, light-weight aluminum
  • also available in 1 liter size

CAD $68.34 (+taxes & freight)




Dimensions: 6.75 inches wide X 5.5 inches deep X 14.5 inches tall (17cms X 14cm X 37cm)


"More businesses installing sharps disposal boxes" - The Guardian



Product Pricing


"Carson" Sharps Containers


1 Liter Wall-Mounted Needle Drop Box


Pole-Mounted Needle Drop Box


  Needle Disposal Unit


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