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"CS" Line Sharps Containers

The "CS" line are square shaped disposable and puncture resistant containers with a rotating lid and are available in six different sizes.The lid is fitted with a temporary as well as a definitive closure and has a wide opening for the disposal of large sharps waste. The tall version is designed for the disposal of long needles.




  • Meets U.S. FDA, United Nations, & British standards

  • Simple and practical snap-type closure

  • Wide opening for the disposal of large sharps waste

  • Mechanism for the unhooking of insulin needles

  • Five liter and six liter models that are ideal for the disposal of particularly long needles
  • Maximum filling level indicator

  • No emission of any harmful gasses during the incineration process


Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 liter sizes

CS 2Lt

CS 3Lt

CS 4Lt

CS 5Lt H & CS 5Lt L

CS 6Lt





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11 & 15 Liter
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