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AP 50L Medical Waste Container




  • UN certified for transportation of dangerous goods
  • Approved by US Department of Transportation
  • Lateral and central handles tested for twice the max weight
  • Stacking up to a maximum of 3 m with full load
  • Solidity and resistance against shock at both low and high temperatures
  • Hermetic seal by means of the peripheral adhesive of the lid
  • High perforation resistance
  • Hanging system on the container
  • Double lid ideal for the disposal of cyto-toxic waste
  • Maximum filling level indicator
  • No emission of harmful gasses during the incineration process


Model Name Description

Case Type  

 Case Lot  Price (Case) Price (Each)

AP 50L


50 liter yellow medical waste container








CAD $99.33


Please call 1-866-288-3298 for case lot pricing.



Product Pricing


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